Bill Sellers

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Bill Sellers is a core institute member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and serves as director of the institute's Cancer Program. He is also a Professor of Medicine at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School.  Bill spent his academic career at the intersection of cancer biology and genomics, investigating mechanisms of tumor development. He collaborated with Matthew Meyerson to initiate the Broad’s first major cancer genomic efforts, leading to the discovery of EGFR mutations in lung cancer and the oncogenic role of MITF in melanoma.

Previously, Sellers served as VP/Global Head of Oncology at Novartis Institutes of BioMedical Research, where he oversaw small molecule, antibody-based and cell therapy drug discovery efforts in oncology. In addition, he initiated and led the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia project in collaboration with the Broad Institute.

He earned his B.S. in biology from Georgetown University and his M.D. from University of Massachusetts Medical School. He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at University of California San Francisco before completing a clinical oncology fellowship at Dana-Farber. He completed postdoctoral training in the labs of Dr. David Livingston and William G. Kaelin.

Staff scientists

Photo of Saireudee (Gal) Chaturantabut

Saireudee (Gal) Chaturantabut

Saireudee (Gal) is a Research Scientist II. She grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. Gal is interested in investigating cancer dependency pathways to enable the discovery of new therapeutics for cholangiocarcinoma. Outside of the lab, Gal enjoys reading, traveling, and outdoor activities.

  • Ph.D. Molecular and Cellular Biology — Harvard University

Dennie Frederick

Dennie is a research scientist and lab manager for the Sellers lab where they are both seeking to enable great science through organizational and overall support as well as leverage a long history of translational cancer research to contribute in meaningful and hands-on ways to the discovery of novel and impactful therapeutics against cancer.  Outside the lab, they like mornings (especially with good coffee and big breakfasts), gardening and camping.

  • M.S. Biology – University of Pennsylvania

Yao He

Yao He is a Computational Scientist II. He profiled the genomic basis for RNA alterations in cancer and uncovered the dynamic landscape of single immune cells in hepatocellular carcinoma. In the Sellers Lab, he is pursuing the identification of context-specific cancer dependency, as well as developing computational analysis to better systematically understand cancer vulnerabilities. Outside the lab, he enjoys cooking, watching NBA games, and looking after his two cats Bao and Big Fortune with his wife.

  • Ph.D.  — Peking University
Photo of Hubert Huang

Hubert Huang

Hubert Huang is a Research Scientist II. He grew up in Taiwan. In the Sellers Lab, he is pursuing the identification of cancer vulnerabilities, as well as developing methods to better understand ubiquitin biology. Outside the lab, he enjoys playing board games with friends (particularly Eurogames), playing video games, and watching movies and TV series.

  • Ph.D. Chemical Biology — Harvard University

Jayu Jen

Jayu is a Senior Research Scientist in the Sellers Lab. She is specifically interested in identifying tumorigenesis and drug resistance mechanisms in genetically-defined models. She is a huge dog lover and has three adopted dogs back home in Taiwan! She loves music (all kinds of music, including pop music and musicals) and used to dance in her free time.


Katharin Shaw

Katharin is a Senior Science Writer in the Sellers Lab. Katharin trained as a chemical biologist in the Bradner Lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She has since worked at DFCI in communications and scientific review roles. Katharin loves to consume and create stories in their varied forms—she has been a writer, illustrator, and photographer. Katharin lives with two cats, George Eliot and Charles Dickens. She is a proficient cook, avid hiker, and enthusiastic but dubiously skilled rock climber.

  • Ph.D. Chemical Biology – Harvard University
Photo of Moore van Tienen

Moore van Tienen

Moore is a Research Scientist II. He is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Currently, he is interested in developing functional genomic approaches to discover novel therapeutic opportunities in cancer. In his free time, Moore enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, and cuddling his mom’s dachshund Vanja.

  • Ph.D. Molecular Biology — University of Cambridge (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)


Eunice Cho

Eunice is a postdoctoral associate. Eunice is interested in understanding the molecular underpinnings and oncogenic signaling network rewiring involved in drug response and resistance in cancer. Outside of the lab, Eunice enjoys binging TV shows and eating sweets.

  • Ph.D. Pharmacology — Yale University

Matt Emmett

Matt is currently a medical oncology fellow at Dana-Farber. Clinically, he is focusing on GI oncology with an emphasis on gastroesophageal cancers. He is broadly interested in mechanisms of tumor resistance and discovery of new therapeutic approaches to treating cancer. In his free time, he enjoys being with his family, exploring New England, restaurants, biking and following sports.

  • M.D-Ph.D — University of Pennsylvania

Eiman Elwakeel

Eiman is a postdoctoral fellow. She is interested in interrogating cancer paralog dependencies, and developing approaches in mouse models to identify potential therapeutic targets. Outside the lab, she is a loving mother and enjoys traveling, scuba diving, cooking and listening to music.

Harsha Chilukuri

Harsha completed her Ph.D. in 2022 from CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, India in Chemical Sciences. The research fields that interest her are Solid Phase synthesis and Evaluation of Peptides and developing small molecule therapeutics. Her hobbies include photography and she also enjoys reading.

  • Ph.D. — CSIR-National Chemical Laborator

Tian-Yu Song

Tian-Yu Song is always intrigued by how cancer escapes clearance by host immunity or therapeutic agents. To explore this, he has conducted and keep designing multiple CRISPR and PRISM screenings in engrafted tumors, organoids and cancer-immune cell co-cultures. Outside the lab, he enjoys reading, playing Honkai star rail and board games with friends, as well as watching Dota2, basketball and soccer.

  • Ph.D. Cell Biology — Zhejiang University

Nate Zhao

Nate passion lies in utilizing various computational methods to solve problems and extract valuable insights from complex datasets. Beyond his professional pursuits, Nate is an avid Marvel fan and a dedicated Swiftie. He finds great joy in exploring the fictional worlds of superheroes and immersing himself in the captivating storytelling. While he enjoys going out and engaging in outdoor social activities, he tends to shy away from cold environments.

  • Ph.D. — The University of Texas at Austin
  • M.S. Computer Science — Georgia Institute of Technology
  • M.S. Biochemistry — South China University of Technology


Visiting scientists


Shadwa Bayoumi

Shadwa is a Research Associate II in the Sellers Lab. In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing board games, cooking, traveling, and exploring the city

  • B.S. Biology – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Yuan-Chen Chang

Yuan-Chen is a Research Associate I in the Sellers Lab. In her free time, Yuan-Chen enjoys playing badminton, biking, traveling, and exploring food from different cities.

  • M.S. – Northwestern University

Sean Chen

Sean is a Research Associate I in the Sellers Lab. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University studying neuroscience. His past research experience focused on both molecular neuroscience and neuro-oncology. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the trombone and outdoor activities, especially hiking, skiing, and canoeing.

  • B.S. – Johns Hopkins University

John Kim

John is a Research Associate III in the Sellers Lab, with previous experience with in vivo studies, metabolomics, mass spectrometry and confocal microscopy from UC San Diego and UT Health San Antonio. He is currently involved in Cuproptosis, PPM1D, and PRISM-AHR projects. In winters he likes to go snowboarding, but when it's too hot, he just stays home and watches videos.

  • B.A. — UC San Diego

Alison Liu

Alison is a Research Associate I in the Sellers Lab. Alison graduated from Minerva University, majoring in life science and is very interested in using computational tools to better understand cancer checkpoints. She likes backpacking, climbing (outdoor & indoor), oil pastel painting, and hiking.

Alex Marzoratti

Alex is a Research Associate II in the Sellers Lab. His previous research experience involved developing 3D cell culture models to elucidate the tumor micro-environment. Outside of work, Alex enjoys fitness, comedy, ice cream, and traveling!
-B.S. Biomedical Engineering – Worcester Polytechnic Institute
-M.S. Biomedical Engineering – Brown University

Matthew Pacheco

Matt is a Research Associate I in the Sellers Lab. Matt has worked on developing neuronal profiling techniques at the Max Planck Institute for Neuroscience and elucidating novel therapeutic targets in B-ALL at Yale University. He hopes to further explore his interests in cancer research to address therapeutic resistance mechanisms. In his free time, Matt enjoys making music, hiking, and watching live sports.

  • B.S. – Yale University

Mira Chokshi

Mira is a Research Associate I in the Sellers Lab. She graduated from UC San Diego. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, baking, and going on long walks.

  • B.A. — UC San Diego

Noah Kozub

Noah is a Research Associate II in the Sellers Lab. Noah holds a BS in Biology from Providence College. Previously, he studied cortical development and developmental disorders using brain organoids in the Arlotta Lab at Harvard. Noah is passionate about improving patient outcomes through therapeutic development. Outside of the lab, Noah enjoys outdoor activities, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Sydney Oliver

Sydney is a Research Associate II in the Sellers Lab. In her free time, she enjoys painting, drawing, knitting, cooking, and listening to live music.

  • B.S. Biochemistry Simmons University

Julian Pozniak

Julian Pozniak is the Administrative Lead for the Sellers Lab. Beyond his work in the lab, Julian teaches private piano and voice lessons to Boston-area students. For fun, he can often be found cooking from his collection of cookbooks, gaming online, or watching classic movies.

  • B.A. in Music and Political Science – Carleton College
  • M.M. in Music Composition – New England Conservatory of Music

Rachel Hercek

Rachel is a Research Associate I in the Sellers Lab. Rachel's previous research has focused on producing a mRNA based cancer vaccine using lipid nanoparticle delivery systems. She is passionate about continuing her work in oncology-based research. In her free time, she enjoys reading and reviewing books, and listening to podcasts while going on walks.

Ryan Tsai

Ryan is a Research Associate I in the Sellers lab. In his free time, he likes to fold origami, explore the outdoors and hike, and play video games.

  • B.S. Chemical Biology – Brandeis University

Berçin Yildiran

Berçin is a Visiting Graduate Student in the Sellers Lab. She is a masters student at the Heidelberg University in Germany studying molecular biosciences. Her past research experience focused on synthetic lethality and protein interactions in cancer. She is enthusiastic in continuing her research exploring the molecular pathways underlying cancer. In her spare time, she enjoys taking walks, traveling, and cooking.

  • M.S. – Heidelberg University

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